Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stalin\'s Soviet Union and the World of 1984

There argon many aspects to the bosh 1984 that elicit be closely link up to historical events. In 1984 replete Orwell depicts a world with real close ties to Stalins Soviet nub but in a very different period setting. Both worlds show a political sympathies in devotion of losing power and using like methods like; erasing the past, coverling the media, and having a strong figurehead drawing card to try and bind suss out of their worlds.\nWho controls the past controls the future: who controls the donation controls the past.  (Orwell 37) This quotation taken from the story 1984 is the companys quote. The party conceptualizes that in coiffe to keep control in the future they need to control the past. Stalin also functioned on these beliefs; Stalin seek to rewrite the past to his avail by creating movies of historical events by placing himself as important roles when in reality he had small or no social function with the matter. The parties in 1984 lied intimately t heir allies. The party claimed that the country had constantly been in alliance with the same country. In reality the party had switched allies and rewrote the past to orison to the population. These to worlds were built on a foundation of lies that their governments had fed them. These governments believed that the plenty would soon forget the verity and would learn to accept and believe the new past.\nIn place to enforce the belief of a false past the worlds of 1984 and Stalins Soviet Union relied heavily on the control of the media. Neither worlds valued the media to intervene with their lies, so sort of of allowing freedom of speech or press these worlds controlled the media. Anything that was: written, filmed or any other kit and boodle of art had to be sanction or edited in the lead the final product could be released. A prime manikin of this is how Stalin had to approve every motion picture of him in order to keep his image strong and perfect. This grace process was also utilize in the world of 1984. The government had to re...

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