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Hybrid judiciarys argon nigh often established in post-conflict regions where no international tribunal exists, and local anesthetic capacities are insufficient to singularly cope with mass atrocity. Examples of hybrid tribunals include East Timor, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Lebanon. In the event that an international tribunal, such as the ICC, cannot cope with the estimate of alleged perpetrators, hybrid tribunals also serve as an alternative accountability mechanism. A newly created hybrid international criminal tribunal for Syria will most effectively serve the transitional and restorative justice goals of President Bashar al-Assads prosecution.Although the precise definition of hybrid courts is still evolving, some baseline characteristics have emerged. Hybrids take up to marry the expertise and resources of the international community with the legitimacy of local actors. Generally, hybrids are comprised of mixed staff, both local and international, and compound internationa l and national substantive and procedural law. Hybrid tribunals criticize the notion that justice is most effectively served in a wholly international context (dominated largely by Western mechanisms of accountability). Instead, hybrids accentuate the importance of local input in any long-term solution to post-atrocity transitional and restorative justice goals. The underlying raison dtre of a hybrid tribunal in Syria relies on the philosophical premise that post-atrocity accountability mechanisms should empower local governments and communities in order to achieve transitional and restorative justice goals. The importance of local empowerment is especially significant in the wake of conflicts that occur within the borders of a state (i.e. civil wars).The languag... infrastructure. However, the narrow mandate of the Syrian tribunal and its co-tribunals in Sierra Leone, Lebanon, and others, does not give effect to this problem. Assuming the mandate of the Syrian tribunal acc ords it jurisdiction over perpetrators, organizers, sponsors, and indispensible accomplices, consider the position of a member of the former, go political party that neglected to prevent the commission of atrocities but did not himself participate in them. Arguably, he may or may not blood within the jurisdiction of the international criminal tribunal for Syria, and amnesty laws may be recognized as a bar to prosecution. Ideally, amnesties would not be a necessary component of transition from pre- to post-conflict societies. However, a conditional limitation on the recognition of amnesties serves the more pragmatic interests of transitioning State.

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Describe The Elements Of Death :: essays research papers

Describe the elements of war and death in Stephen Cranes The RedBadge of Courage. This book is divided into two starts. In the first part the maincharacters, atomic number 1 Flemings. illusions disappear when confronted by the reality ofbattle(WAH 642). During the first battle he sees vague figures before him, butthey are driven away. In the following battle he is so frightened that he runs awaybecoming one of the first heroes in literature to actually desert his fellow soldiersin the field.While Henry is separated from his fellow soldiers, hewanders through the forest. There he experiences the kind ofillusions that predominate in all of the writings of Crane (WAH642). firstly he tells himself that nature does not blame him forrunning. Next he finds himself in a part of the woods that hebelieves is religious. The insects are praying and the foresttakes the appearance of a chapel. Henry is comfortable with thisuntil he finds a dead soldier in the heart of the chapel. Henry sees a n ant carrying a bundle across the brass of the deadsoldier. That view is beautiful in the sense of conveying greatemotion through minute detail(WAH 643). As he moves back henrysees a line of injured soldiers including his friend JimConklin,who is badly wounded and some other friend called the worn man. Trying to make up for deserting his friends, Henrytries to help Jim Conklin who is dying.After Conklin dies, thetattered man probes deeply into Henrys conscience by repeatedlyasking where ya hit(Bowers 132). Henry deserts the tatteredman.When Henry stops another soldier he asks him the novels mostimportant question which is why The soldier hits henry on thehead for starting trouble. Ironically this wound becomes HenrysRed Badge of Courage. Henry is then lead back to his regimentby a cheery soldier who helps wandering soldiers. This leadsHenry into the secondment half of the book. Henrys wanderings areover. Not until the end of the book does he ask questions. Mostof the repudiation s are complete heroes do not forever and a day act likeheroes no one understands the purpose of life or death naturemay be malevolent, probably no different, but is certainly notthe benevolent pantheist realm of the transcentalists, and God,is simply nowhere to be found(Weatherford 32).In the second part of the novel Henry beco0mes a war haler, the hero that he wanted to be originally when anotherbattle is over, all Henry has accomplished is negated. Manycritics found the last chapter confused and muttled, Henrysfeelings range from remorse to the sin which is not responsible

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The Pact Essay -- Pact Essays

The engagement With Teacher CommentsTo say that I have a private connection with any of the authors of The Pact (Books should be underlined or in italics, but not in quotatations) would be a stretch at best. From the time before my very first breath, my life has been completely different. Throughout the years, my life further diverged, until you examine our (maybe use my instead of our makes the connection to yourself) college years. Despite the differences, many similarities can be found just by taking a look at events, rather than situations. These situations (events you said to focus on the events rather than the situations) are my connection to The Pact.The families of the three authors had all been relatively poor, and many of them uneducated, like Sams mother. Even their grandparents had started life out poor, and many would end their lives little better than poor. present I have a connection. It takes going all the way back to grandparents. My grandmother on my f athers side began life as a share cropper, and was very poor. She dropped out of school to help with the family I moved this up here for a better understanding before she learned to read. all over the years she taught herself to read since she felt it was an essential skill really was a required skill. She later met my grandfather, who I never met since he died from emphysema before I was born before my birth from emphysema. Obviously (Is it obvious? The reader is dumb and only do its what you tell them. It is difficult to assume that the reader will automatically know something) , she had a son before that, my father. He was a smart man, but like in The Pact the story, lacked direction. (New Paragraph)He had learned some electronics, a... special I think I ended with a 2.8 GPA, and that was only because I excelled in my computer science classes. My time then down at UNT was a awful experience that like the authors, I dont think I would have survived without good f riends, and a supporting family. My GPA there when I leftover I think was around 2.3. Again, still basically a C student, where our authors were making good grades, and even sitting near the tops of their classes. Now at Penn State, I decided to actually try for a change, and hope to graduate with a 3.5 GPA.Overall, a very nicely done paper. You draw a pass off connection between the story and your life. This paper could use some development work, but the main idea is clear. Keep up the good work and revision it with some of the changes I made, as well as changes of your own. By doing so, you will have an awesome paper to publish.

Thomas Edison :: biography biographies bio

Thomas Edison was born Febuary 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio. He was the youngest of seven siblings, and did not learn to talk until he was nearly four. At the be on of seven Edison spent three months in school until his mother took him out of school and domicil schooled him. When Tom turned twelve the young entrepreneur became a railroad newspaper boy. He would ride rail cars selling candy, newspapers, fruits, and vegetables.Soon after Edison began workings on the railroads he became practically deaf. There are several theories on what happened to make the inventor deaf one of the widest spread beliefs is that Edison lost his hearing when a conductor boxed his ears after Edison accidentally set fire to a train car. Edison said that he lost his hearing when a brakeman caught Edison by his ears to continue Edison from falling off the train. Regardless of what happened Edison couldnt hear out of his left ear and was about eighty percent deaf in his right ear.One daylight before getting o n a train fourteen year old Edison noticed a todler with his back turned to an oncoming train. Tom reacted cursorily throwing himself and the toddler off the tracks in the nick of time. The three year olds dad trained Edison to operate a telagraph machine as a reward. By the age of sixteen Edison had mastered this skill and left home. He moved to Boston, however a year and a half after he started working thither he was forced to quit because his employer accused him of not concentrating on his primary responsibilities, and doing to much moonlighting. Edison was moved to New York where he arrived practically broke.Three weeks after arriving in New York Edison had a job that paid much better than his Boston employer. The story goes that Edison who was broke and on the verge of starving came across a panicing gene. The broker was freaking out because an important stock ticker had broken. Edison tinkering paid off when he quickly fixed the ticker. The broker hired Edison on the spot as the alliances counterbalance man for $300.00 a month a very impresive amount in 1869.A year later Edison became a rich man when a company paid $40,000 for an improved stock ticker. Edison had expected no more than $5,000. After getting his first check for that much money Edison was at a overtaking for what to do.

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Globalisation and the Australian Economy Essay -- essays research pape

The Impact of Globalisation on the Australian EconomyGlobalisation is not new. Australia has been involved in trade, investment, financial f beginnings, engineering science transfers and the migration of labour since its foundation as a colony. What has changed is the size, direction and influence of these transfers, especially since 1980. There are a number of factors that sacrifice aided this transformation. They includeThe expansion of new markets opposed exchange and capital markets are linked globally. They operate 24 hours a day with dealings any where in the world feasible in real time. Financial deregulation and the floating of the Australian dollar since 1983 intensified the impact of globalization on the Australian economy.New technology and the tools of globalisation the internet, email, mobile phones, media and communication networks have all sped up the process of globalisation. They have increased the spread and speed of knowledge transfer and communication. Aus tralian consumers can demoralise products from any nation in the world, transfer funds between accounts or purchase shares in any major market. Australian businesses can market their products at a fraction of the cost and be exposed to a global market place of competition. This potentially is the closest we will ever come to the meliorate market.New institutional players The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has growing authority over national governments, as does the IMF with its restrictions and controls it can impose on nations requiring assistance. Multinational corporations have more economic power than many nations. Hedge funds and financial dealers are able to manipulate financial flows and subsequently exchange rates, leaving nations bemused in their wake. This in turn renders traditional economic policy tools virtually useless.New rules and restrictions Multilateral agreements on trade, services and intellectual property rights, backed by strong enforcement mechanisms, re duce the scope for national governments to develop their own economic policies.What is Globalisation?Globalisation is the growing economic interdependence among nations as reflected in increase actual movement across nations ofTradeInv... be quite effective at pushing the Australian dollar down by selling the cash, it is in truth limited in pushing it up. The RBA only has its limited foreign reserves to buy the Australian dollar. The value of Australias foreign reserves fell from $22billion US in December 1999 to $16billion US in September 2000. The amount of Australian dollars traded in one day in Australias foreign exchange market exceeds its total foreign reserves. As was seen in the Asian crisis in 1997 in Thailand, running down foreign reserves will not always halt a currency decline. The US Federal Reserve is probably the only central bank that can strongly influence the decisions of fund managers.The financial traders and dealers seek a low inflation, low interest rat e, low current account deficit, high growth, budget surpluses and small public sector. If the Government does not achieve these policies, the markets will punish it. If they do achieve them, the markets may still punish them. Any way you look at it, Australia is integrated into the globalised world economy and is dependent on the activities and policies of globalisation. Australias futurity will move with the ebb and flow of globalisation.

Globalisation and the Australian Economy Essay -- essays research pape

The Impact of globalisation on the Australian EconomyGlobalisation is not new. Australia has been involved in trade, investment, financial flows, technology transfers and the migration of labour since its foundation as a colony. What has changed is the size, direction and knead of these transfers, especially since 1980. There are a number of factors that have aided this transformation. They includeThe expansion of new markets foreign exchange and capital markets are linked globally. They operate 24 hours a daytime with dealings each where in the realness possible in real time. Financial deregulation and the floating of the Australian dollar since 1983 intensified the impact of globalisation on the Australian economy.New technology and the tools of globalisation the internet, email, mobile phones, media and communication networks have all sped up the process of globalisation. They have increased the spread and pelt along of knowledge transfer and communication. Australian con sumers can buy products from any nation in the world, transfer funds between accounts or purchase shares in any major market. Australian businesses can market their products at a fraction of the cost and be exposed to a global market place of competition. This potentially is the closest we bequeath ever come to the perfect market.New institutional players The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ripening authority over national governments, as does the IMF with its restrictions and controls it can impose on nations requiring assistance. Multinational corporations have more economic power than many nations. Hedge funds and financial dealers are able to hold financial flows and subsequently exchange rates, leaving nations helpless in their wake. This in turn renders traditional economic policy tools virtually useless.New rules and restrictions Multilateral agreements on trade, services and intellectual property rights, backed by strong enforcement mechanisms, reduce the scope for n ational governments to develop their own economic policies.What is Globalisation?Globalisation is the growing economic interdependence among nations as reflected in increasing actual movement across nations ofTradeInv... be quite effective at pushing the Australian dollar down by selling the currency, it is very limited in pushing it up. The RBA only has its limited foreign reserves to buy the Australian dollar. The range of Australias foreign reserves fell from $22billion US in December 1999 to $16billion US in September 2000. The amount of Australian dollars traded in one day in Australias foreign exchange market exceeds its total foreign reserves. As was seen in the Asian crisis in 1997 in Thailand, running down foreign reserves will not always halt a currency decline. The US Federal Reserve is probably the only central bank that can strongly influence the decisions of fund managers.The financial traders and dealers seek a low inflation, low interest rate, low current acc ount deficit, high growth, budget surpluses and small public sector. If the regime does not achieve these policies, the markets will punish it. If they do achieve them, the markets may still punish them. Any way you look at it, Australia is integrated into the globalised world economy and is dependent on the activities and policies of globalisation. Australias future will move with the ebb and flow of globalisation.

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My Life Learning Experience with R.S.V Essay

R. S. V My Life Learning Experience with R. S. V Name Course Title Teacher Date Abstract many an(prenominal) individuals retain experienced problems with their hospitals or health r eerence facilities. An important concept that I learned from facing this family crisis that testament be examined in this composing is that, when a family member becomes soberingly ill, they need quality medical care. Sometimes, when a per boys life is at stake, the further a person lives from medical facilities which loafer offer quality care can be a grave factor. R. S. V 1 R. S. V in InfantsThis paper will examine several(prenominal) lessons and concepts which I learned from personalised life-learning experiences. Three examples that will be addressed in this paper will examine a different aspect of a certain life-learning experience. In researching and analyzing each aspect of a life-learning experience, this paper will examine the four elements of Kolbs Model of Experimental Learning. The f irst aspect of the lessons I learned after enduring a family crisis which this paper will explore includes how I learned virtually an illness that frequently affects childs called Respiratory Syncytial Virus.Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, is a respiratory virus which has many of the same symptoms as the vulgar cold and is usually contracted by children during winter months. After my newborn son, C artistic creationer Forrest Barnhart began displaying symptoms of a common cold, my husband and I took Carter to his local anaesthetic pediatrist. Unfortunately, the pediatrician improperly diagnosed the virus as a simple common cold and sent Carter, my husband and I back home. However, after we returned home, his symptoms did non remedy. Instead, he began coughing profusely and did not want to eat.I became greatly concerned close our sons health. inside a few days, Carter had lost weight and become weak. Then his breathing appeared to be abnormal, and my husband and I began to suspect that something else was wrong with Carter. R. S. V 2 By April 7th, 2002, Carters breathing problems got considerably worse, and my husband and I thought that he could possibly suffocate. So, in a desperate attempt to help Carters health, we brought our son to the nearest hospital. He was then hospital, arrangements needed to be made to send him to Charleston Area Medical Center.Carter later arrived safely at the Women and Childrens Hospital, a division of the Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, West Virginia. He was then placed in the hospitals Pediatric intensive bring off Unit, where he remained for five days. Looking back, I now realize the high importance of residing in communities which have high quality health care facilities. I learned that the first doctor who diagnosed my son did not diagnose Carter properly by failing to recognize that what looked like the common cold was truly Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). The pediatricians error could have cos t my son his life.After Carter was taken to the emergency room at our local hospital, I learned that, when someones life is at stake, the distance from a medical facility which can provide quality care is sometimes a life and death matter. Thus, one of the lessons that I learned by this life-learning experience is that it is important for all individuals to have quick access to a state of the art hospital or medical facility. A medical facility must be able to provide the excellent care that a seriously ill R. S. V 3 ndividual needs. In this example, a baby needed to be treated by a supernumerary infant care unit, which our local hospitals did not have.Therefore, the baby did not have ready access to the kind of medical facility that he needed. The proper medical facility can mean the discrepancy of life or death, thus, I now understand that the quality of the medical facilities, and the services received from those facilities provided, is one of the important issues facing people today. Learning about the importance of living near a high quality health care facility helped me become amiliar with the idea that a person should be full educated about the health services in his or her community before something critical occurs.I regretted the fact that we were not more prepared to batch with this crisis. Thus, I have since learned that I need to research the qualifications of any professional my child will be receiving treatment from. In the future, I will research hospitals or schools before enrolling my child in them. I can also apply the concept that quality care is an important aspect of a persons life to other situations as well. For example, I will have o make sure that my child has a qualified pediatrician and dentist to take care of his health needs in the future.I will also have to ensure that my child gets his vaccinations. Moreover, I learned that in that location is no substitute for being prepared for an emergency situation. I plan on researching the response time of our police and fire departments and plan to learn about the efficiency of our ambulance services. Another part of the lessons I learned while confronting this family crisis is how I learned that high quality heath care is best provided by passing qualified doctors. I lso learned that an unqualified doctor may easily misdiagnose a patients symptoms.The discussion below will show how I have learned to hire questions before selecting a pediatrician. My son was initially treated by a pediatrician who misdiagnosed the babys medical symptoms and declare that our infant was we were told to take our child home and give him some cold medicine. This was our childs solitary(prenominal) treatment, and the medicine did not work. Carters symptoms did not improve after a reasonable period of time. Thus, my husband and I began to suspect that something else could be wrong.Then, when our baby turned pasty in color, started to cry inconsolably, ref utilise to eat or drink an ything, lost weight, and then hardly cried or moved in his crib, my husband and I became more concerned. We later learned that Carter had RSV and double pneumonia. Since then, I have spoken to many doctors about homespun medicine. One of the doctors I spoke to that works at our local hospital explained in a recent personal interview which I conducted with him that many people do not ask enough questions of their doctors after they have been told the results of a diagnosis.He advised that potential atients should ask about all terms that describe the problem and that the doctor should fully explain the R. S. V 5 condition to the patient. More importantly, when the patient is a baby, the infants parents need to understand the complete diagnosis of their childs condition The doctor also said that a great deal of rural patients do not know how to properly ask their doctors specific questions related to the diagnosis. Therefore, rural doctors need to take more time to explain things to their patients, especially in cases where doctors are not absolutely sure of the diagnosis.I was also told that some patients have no reason to be told when something is misdiagnosed as nothing more than the common cold, especially when a childs doctor confidently tells an infants parents that the symptoms should improve when the baby took the cold medicine. The lesson is that parents must be very elaborate when choosing a pediatrician. I learned that a good pediatrician knows how to check a baby for a variety of diseases. In the case of my son, the first pediatrician failed to properly diagnose the baby because he was, at the very least, was not familiar with the symptoms of RSV.Thus, I learned that receiving treatment from a qualified pediatrician is an native part of a childs health care. I also realized, in other areas of my life, I need to be certain that I am qualified to perform any Job that I might later want to undertake. So it is imperative that I take my education as se rious as possible so that I will later be prepared to succeed in my chosen career. R. S. V6 Another important concept that I learned through my life-learning experience is that Just like other people, doctors make errors too.Unfortunately, a doctors mistake can cause the loss of ones life. either professional should avoid making unnecessary mistakes at all times. Therefore, I would like to avoid making mistakes which would be considered negligence in my chosen career. Thus, I now believe that I need as much training in the field of health care management as possible, because that is the field which I intend to begin my professional career once I have received my Bachelors Degree.I also now would like to become actively mingled in professional organizations and associations in which school friends and successful will help me exchange information with other health care management professionals hich will hopefully help me keep atop of current developments in my field. The third aspec t of the lessons I learned which this paper will explore is that many rural health care facilities in America do not have up to date equipment. I also learned that, for the past several years, many local family health care facilities have suffered from recent cutbacks in federal grant money.This paper will now discuss my findings about the importance of selecting a health care facility which has up to date equipment and employees that keep on top of current developments in the medical ield. R. S. V7 Not only were the doctors more knowledgeable at the Women and Childrens Hospital in Charleston, but the doctors at the hospital in Charleston also had more current equipment and also performed their duties much more quickly and efficiently than the doctors at the local hospital.I learned that, when the life of a loved one is at stake, a hospital with modern equipment and trained faculty can mean the difference between life and death. I also now believe that parents should visit the loc al hospitals before their first child is ever born to make sure those hospitals re not understaffed, dirty, or not funded properly. While larger hospitals may charge more money for visits, the money paying(a) for a proper diagnosis at a quality facility is far less than the money one might pay if an illness is misdiagnosed.In addition, local medical care facilities need to provide quality, up to date services to their patients. In this situation, Carter needed to be treated in a special care unit in which patients are attached to electronic monitors which track vital functions as well as to other equipment that support breathing (Roberts, 1993, p. 170). Unfortunately, only larger acilities usually have modern pediatric intensive care units, and large hospitals are not all cities. I have learned that a high quality health care facility should have up to date equipment.Modern equipment is essential to provide patients with the best possible R. S. V8 health care. However, a lot of rur al hospitals cannot afford this. The issue of a facility which does not have modern equipment is a very important one, and the concept applies to other situations which I may have to deal with later on. For instance, I will want to make sure that, any school my child is enrolled in should have fair to middling acilities. I will want to ensure that the school has smoke detectors in every classroom and that the fire extinguishers are in proper working order.This paper analyzed the various lessons and concepts that I learned from some life-learning experiences. Each of the papers three parts explored a different aspect of my experiences. This paper used the four elements of Kolbs Model of Experimental Learning to detail how I used the lessons during a family crisis. R. S. V9 References Mesa, CA ICN Pharmaceuticals. Roberts, M. J. (1993). Your Money or Your Life The Health Care Crisis Explained. New York Doubleday.

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Edward Marshall Boehm Essay

Edward Marshall Boehm is a union that is all slightly delivering quality opus focusing on Nature. This reveal will include the vision, accusation, SWOT, internal and orthogonal environments, and a strategic decision from my team in specific detail.Edward Marshall Boehm had a vision that was different from opposite businesses. Their vision was, To capture that special moment and bent-grassting which conveys the character, charm, and loveliness of a bird or animal in its natural habitat. This vision was set in order to attract a specific demographic and that was masses who enjoy and embrace nature. Edward Marshall Boehm had a armorial bearing that was very similar to its vision. The mission was, Make the world aw atomic number 18 and protective of endangered wildlife by making them aware of natures charm.I got a quote direct from the phoner when I called and well-nighone who was very close to Mr. Boehm told me that, Mr. Boehm wanted to achieve the bigger picture and that was sending his flock and Mission around to everybody so that people would conceive why he does what he does. You goat only tell this to your class but Mr. Boehm would sometimes write personal letters to buyers with both the stack and Mission written on there. He felt that personally writing that would make customers value their product more and value him more (Richard Bassel).As we think in on the external environments of Edward Marshall Boehm, we found many opportunities and risks. i factor surround Boehm Inc. is the market they compete in. Their market is not a very large market. Focusing in on adapting other markets could be very useful to the go with and serve up them grow. One suggestion we brace is to adapt into a European environment. By doing so, Boehm Inc. can broaden their line of products and adapt a market that is extremely large.Having knowledge about your external environments is crucial in business. magic spell looking at retailers that have Boehms products I was shocked. There are little to no retentivitys in the states with the most endangered species and nature. There is one investment trust in California, which is the state with the most endangered species. No stores in Colorado, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska. Those states, to me, are arguable some of the most beautiful states when it behaves to wildlife and nature. We suggest that Boehm Inc. finds stores that can transmit his swap in these states. This will make his business grow and most important have more people aware of Boehms vision and mission.When we take a look at Boehms internal environment we start at the hard working employees, management, and structure/leadership of the organization. The management of Boehm Inc. is the backbone of the internal environment. One problem we found with Boehm Inc. was the leadership quality. Boehm specifically says, We want to further the position the company for the long run. Going along with Boehms vision and mission, if his company w anted to plan for the future, what happens when Mr. Boehm passes on? Boehm passed away in 1969.They still sell his products today but are they selling his products with another vision and mission? If Boehm was so focused on people recognizing his vision and mission, why didnt he think to have other sculptors come in so that when the time comes they can continue to make products based on his vision? This is a question that cannot be answered but clearly there was a lack of leadership. Boehm used his external environment to make his internal environment better. EX. Boehm found that customers liked his dogs and horses but wanted his birds, so he started creating more exotic and large bird pieces.As you can see from the diagram above, there are several types of values that when put together determine many different things. Control values are focused on productivity, which lies with management. Ethical values are all about teams and teamwork, which goes with the structure of the company. Development values is all about planning and research which in addition lies with management. The relation between the internal environment and the external environment has a significant meaning to the overall productivity of the company. All of these values combined help in making decisions and completing long and short-term goals and objectives.Boehm Inc. has many strengths. The management is a very close related group. They are progressively growing the company looking for more opportunities. The quality of Boehms pieces is what pulls them apart from any other company. They are one of a kind pieces. This draws people to want them more and they have a collectors feeling on them. The weaknesses of Boehm Inc. slightly outweigh their strengths. The process of creating their products takes a very long time, which is not what companies usually want. The leadership of the company seems to be mixed-up in a sense. Nobody is taking charge and setting up the company for future success. S ince they dont use technology and it is an old fashioned, a possible competition threat is at risk. Another interesting topic about Boehm is forecasting. The company cant really forecast their sales because some items may be in demand while others arent. Since the process takes a while it puts them in an awkward position.There are many opportunities for the company. Updating their online store is a start that could make significant progress. New markets are another large opportunity. The company can grow if they decide to search into another market. With the vivify of their process being so slow, they might want to look to speed it up some way. This will require significant research and knowledge about a specific plan or plans. Threats for Boehm Inc. are not major but still are nothing to look past. New artisans could threaten the company because they could make cheaper products that almost look like knock-offs. These would severely damage the company. Substitute materials are ano ther topic that could really hurt Boehms company. Instead of top-grade porcelain, other companies could look to use lower grade material but still produce beautiful products.After completing our SWOT analysis, our team has come up with some options for Boehm to explore. Boehm has a very functional online store. We think that because technology is so important now, Boehm could use the online site for something more than just selling. Boehms Vision and Mission, because they were so important should be expressed on the site. By giving a brief description of the animals and nature around them, people can understand the importance of the animal itself and the work that Boehm has done. Secondly Boehm should start immediately to find more artists that can continue creating pieces like Edward Marshall Boehm did.Not any artist is capable of doing such tasks. These artists must be well known and appreciate the charm of nature and the loveliness of animals. Another suggestion is for Boehm to find more stores to sell his pieces. These stores should be located in the states we mentioned before (Alaska, California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado). Lastly, we think that Mr. Boehms company should open a new line of products, Jewelry. Jewelry is always in senior high school demand. By creating a Jewelry line, Boehm Inc. can bring in new customers and another smaller price range of products. By doing so, Boehms vision and mission can be carried out in places that have some of the most well known nature and animals around. Boehm should not lose out on their biggest opportunity, to complicate into new markets.Through all of our research and our SWOT analysis, we have come to a specific recommendation. Edward Marshall Boehm should update their online store, so that people have a better understanding of the nature and beauty within the piece. The company should also sell to more states. Especially states that have a large nature conniption to them. Boehm Inc. should also consider loo king for new artists with the passion of nature and animals. If they do that, they can continue to grow their product line while bringing in possible new ideas. Another suggestion we have is to consider possible endorsement. Endorsement can bring a lot of awareness to the company. Mr. Boehm wants people to throw the beauty of nature and animals and what better way to do so then endorsement. By doing these things, Edward Marshall Boehm Inc. should be able to continue growing their business while still focusing on Mr. Boehms vision and mission which is to appreciate nature and the charm animals and life bring to it.

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Beyond Tests: Alternatives in Assessment

AWANG INDRA S. / 107835010 BEYOND TESTS ALTERNATIVES IN ASSESSMENTThis chapter tries to discuss alternative in opinion and the problems found in alternative in assessments. Performance Based Assessment Performance based assessment implies productive, observable skills, such as speaking and writing of content valid assesss.According to Omalley and Valdez hurl (1996), the characteristics of performance assessment atomic number 18 1) students make a constructed response, 2) They engage in higher order thinking, with open-ended tasks, 3) tasks are meaningful, engaging and authentic, 4) tasks call for the integration of linguistic process skills, 5) both process and product are assessed, 6) depth of a students mastery is emphasized over breadth. Portfolios One of the most popular alternatives in assessment, especially within a frame take on of communicative language teaching, is portfolio development.Portfolios include materials such as a. Essays and compositions in draft and final forms, b. Reports, project outlines, c. Poetry and inventive prose, d. Artwork, photos, newspaper or magazine clippings, e. Audio and/or video recordings of presentations, demonstrations, etc, f. Journals, diaries, and other personal reflection, g. Test, test scores, and written homework exercises, h. Notes on lecturer, i. Self-and peer- assessments-comments, and checklists. Journals A daybook is a log or account of ones thoughts, feelings, reactions, assessment, ideas, or progress toward goals, usually written with little attention to structure, form, or correctness.Categories or utilisations in journal writing, such as the following a. Language learning logs, b. Grammar journals, c. Responses to readings, d. Strategies based learning logs, e. Self-assessment reflections, f. Diaries of attitudes, feelings, and other affective factors, g. Acculturation logs. Conferences Conferences are not limited to drafts of written work including portfolios and journals. Conferences must assum e that the teacher plays the role of a facilitator and guide, not of an administrator, of a formal assessment. Conferences are by nature formative, not summative and their primary purpose is to offer positive washback. references This term is intended to denote a context in which a teacher interviews a student for a designated assessment purpose. Interview may have one or more of several possible goals in which the teacher1. Assesses the students oral production, 2. Ascertains a students need beforehand designing a course of curriculum, 3. Seeks to discover a students learning style and preferences, 4. Asks a student to assess his or her own performance, 5. Requests an rating of a course.ObservationsAll teachers, whether they are aware of it or not, observe their students in the schoolroom almost constantly. One of the objectives of such observation is to assess students without their awareness (and possible consequent anxiety) of the observation so that the naturalness of their linguistic performance can be maximized. 7. Self and Peer Assessments Most successful learners extend the learning process well beyond the classroom and the presence of a teacher or tutor, autonomously mastering the art of egotism-assessment. Where peers are available to render assessment, the advantage of such additional input is obvious. According to chocolate-brown (2004), there are five categories of self and peer assessment1.Assessment of performance, in this category, a student typically monitors him or herself in either oral or written production and renders some kind of evaluation of performance.2. Indirect assessment of competence, indirect assessment targets larger slices of time with a view to rendering an evaluation of general ability as opposed to one to one specific, relatively time constrained performance.3. Metacognitive assessment for setting goals, some kind evaluation are more strategic in nature, with the purpose not just of viewing past performance or compete nce but of setting goals and maintaining an eye on the process of their pursuit.4. Socioaffective assessment, yet another type of self and peer assessment comes in the form of methods of examining affective factors in learning. Such assessment is quite antithetical from looking at and planning linguistic aspects of acquisition.5. Student generated tests, a final type of assessment that is not usually classified strictly as self or peer assessment is the technique of engaging students in the process of constructing tests themselves. Guidelines for self-and peer assessmentSelf-and peer assessment are among the best possible formative types of assessment and possibly the most rewarding, but they must be carefully designed and administered for them to reach their potential. Four guidelines will help teachers bring this intrinsically motivating task into the classroom successfully.Tell students the purpose of assessmentDefine the task clearlyEncourage impartial evaluation of performance or abilityEnsure beneficial washback through follow up tasks

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An Exploration into the Representation of Families in Sitcoms Essay

The purpose of my exploration is to scrutinise whether family stereotypes within the media argon merely exaggerations, or whether they are accurate observations. I have focused mainly on sitcoms as they are known for their absurd situations and characters, precisely they have a hint of loyalty to them at the same time. I narrowed this exploration down to three famous British sitcoms Outnumbered, Only Fools and Horses and The Royle Family. I mainly wanted to challenge the standstill that all sitcom characters are created for humour, rather than for being similar to our own family members.Roy Stafford demulctd sitcoms as a setting and a group of characters providing the opportunity for a comic narrative (Stafford, 2004). Most British sitcoms are establish on the concept of families, and build on these characters throughout series and episodes. Typical family members might involve a grumpy Grandad or boisterous brother for example. In Only Fools and Horses, they base the early episod es on two brothers and a Grandad, later fit two brothers, their wives and their war veteran Uncle. The main stereotype from the show was that the brothers were actually argumentative towards each other but remained close throughout, and the Grandad or Uncle was a forgetful and dopey, but loveable man.They were frequently put into tricky arguably un solidistic situations but the main outcome was an equilibrium whereby they were all a satisfying family, no matter how bad the foregoing conflict was. This is something very common amongst television shows and comes under Todorovs narrative theory of a status quo at the start followed by a disruption but finally ending with the same equilibrium as seen in the beginning, which is somewhat unrealistic in real family lives. The show may originate from the early 80s, but shares many common elements to those 30 years on and remains as relevant as ever. subsequently observing an episode of Outnumbered, I noticed how different the narrati ves were but how similar the overall message and moral was to Only Fools and Horses. The sitcom is based on a set of parents with a young son and daughter, and a teenage son living in a semi-detached house in the south of London a fairly normal setting and unity that the auditory sense can relate to.The character Ben is a prolific liar, whilst his sister Karen is a smart and argumentative young woman and Jake is an average, mood-swinging teen. The mother and her sister argue frequently the Grandad is battling early signs of dementia which is used comically but sympathetically at the same time and the lugubrious fathers parents are separated and have a huge hatred for one another. These differences in character and their situations create a dysfunctional family redeem by love in the words of Ben Dowell (Dowell, 2008).Erving Goffman stated that life itself is a dramatically enacted thing henceforth the dramatisations featured in the show are very similar to our own families and their attitudes and characters (Goffman, 2009). These characters are all very significant for audiences that are in, or have been in, similar situations within their families, with their parents being outnumbered by their children and the hectic domicile getting the better of them. Ben Dowell said in an article in the Guardian These are the kind of parental vignettes that are convincing many that British funniness has finally succeeded in telling the embarrassing, ridiculous and frustrating truth about modern, competitive child rearing (Dowell, 2008). This quotation reiterates the point that British sitcoms are meet increasingly accurate as time goes on, and the mundane, understated humour is effective in proving how spot-on comedies can be.The Royle Family is a comedy sitcom from the early 1990s based on a family from Manchester and is mainly set in the familys house and mainly their living room. The house is frequently in the mid-stage of decoration due to the acedia of Jim, and the majority of the familys time is spent in the living room sat around their television, which is symbolic of the idea that modern family life is dominated by technology and that we steer clear of activities and exercise. The short-tempered, sarcastic father Jim rarely moves from his armchair and takes the man of the house role into great effect, with his hard-working wife Barbara taking a more family-orientated role and looking after her kids and husband consistently.Denise is their daughter and takes on the average blonde agency character, and remains incapable of looking after her kids whilst her husband Dave is a kind-hearted but has an apathetic attitude of which Denise exploits. Antony is mistreated by his parents due to his typical teenage antics and attitudes, and Norma is a sweet old lady that Jim despises.There is certainly diversity surrounded by the characters, and arguments occur frequently, but there is a hidden bond between those who may seem to dislike each o ther. This is once again a fine example of the dysfunctional family that surprisingly works well, and it is clear that they have shared memories that make this bond stronger and this uses the clich of you dont know what youve got until its gone. This style of show may be about realistic to close families who watch television religiously and were brought up in a lower class background.In conclusion, I believe that the aforementioned sitcoms are very accurate in describing family life albeit in a comedic way. The dismissal of a laughter track in all three of the shows add to this realism, and the use of one setting in the majority of the episodes create the idea that modern families in fact spend most of their time together rather than out socialising. The simplicity of the three shows also adds to this, and connotes the idea that our idea of fun in modern times is being with one another watching television. The roles of the characters are also very accurate as I believe at least one of the roles is easily recognisable for the audience i.e. the sarcastic manner of Jim from Royle Family or the argumentative but clever nature of Karen from Outnumbered. In one way or another, these sitcoms can be related to by their audience and is a very good, although occasionally exaggerated, way of showing just how unpretentious our lives are.Works CitedDowell, B. (2008, December 6). In their own words sitcom lets kids improvise. Retrieved 2 10, 2012, from Guardian http//, E. (2009, June 9). The Presentation of Self in Everday Life. Retrieved February 10, 2012, from Slide Share http//, R. (2004, February 1). TV Sitcoms and Gender. Retrieved February 10, 2012, from Media Culture http//

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Old Story Time

The story Emma based from the book A World of Prose and published by the author Carolyn Cole is about a woman named Emma who is a very beautiful lady of leisure, she has stepped down from an active social life after giving birth to Dorian in order to spend to a greater extent time with her daughter m atomic number 18. Her husband Jack is a notorious cheater and he is not faithful to Emma. The setting of the story occurs in three places the York Residence, an vague mall and at the old train space where the death of Emma took place.In the first setting of the story which takes place at the York Residence shows the two friends maria and Dorian doing activities such as chatting about Dorys Mother Emma, playing adult games and the support of each other. The moods and the themes displayed in that setting of the story is called Innocence which is epitomized by Dorian, the story is told from her perspective therefore we get a view of the innocence behind her misunderstanding of adult conv ersations and situations.Friendship which is shown in the friendship between Dorian and Maria, which is characterized by playing adult games. In the second setting which takes place at the unnamed mall shows Dory, Maria Mrs Robinson and Emma going to the mall to buy school cloths for Dorian because the summer was ending, while there the two friends Dory and Maria played games in the arcade while Mrs Robinson and Emma was having close conversations about sending both Maria and Dorian to a boarding school and about Emma having another child but Emma denied her because her husband Jack was not ready for Dory.While they were chatting, Dory and Maria cherished to go ice skating at the old train station and Emma decides to send them, the girls got their skates Emma hugged Maria before they left. The moods and themes displayed in that setting is called Love and family Relationship, there are two types of families in the short story, the nuclear and the single family. Dorians family is the nuclear family, consisting of mother, father and child. Marias family is the single family with her single mother Mrs Robinson.In the trio or last setting which takes place at the old station shows Dory and Maria skating with the other kids at the old train station when the two girls caught a glimpse of the lady sitting on the steps wearing a black dress and long whit beads Maria pulled Dorian behind an old boxcar and Dory and Maria realises that it was her when they see their father with her they quickly assume that she was the lady at the train station. Maria belittles Dory vacate a lot, and Dory indeed believes Maria to know and understand everything.But the game was over when Emma and Mrs Robinson arrive on the train and Emma experiences the mysterious lady with her husband she woefully sobs as she runs feeling cheated by own husband, she ran waiting to cross Georgia Avenue her husband grabbed her by her arm. She snatched away from him and ran into the street where an oncomin g vehicle overruns her. The moods and themes displayed in that setting is called Innocence which is from Dory the story is told from her perspective therefore we get a view of the innocence behind her misunderstanding of adult conversations.

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Coca Cola and Pepsi

*Segmentation of Coca Cola **Basic segments of coca booby is those state who rejoinder this drink regularly. **The target market for coca cola is based on age youth and younger 15- 25 and 40 age. Another factors are income and family size. ** objective lens is not based on gender , both gender likes it. **Key success of coca cola is behavioral segmentation. **Coca Cola generally sells in schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, hotels and fast food stores. Coca Cola has variety of tastes ecause they want to meet guest needs. **Coca cola diet for diabetic people and aged people 40 plus. **Coca Cola young people whose age is 16 to 35. **Coca Cola packs and bottles (based on income level) for students, poor people, middle class and family size. Nature of customer fun and entertainment loving. Socio-economic level upper lower and lower class. Occupation student and family oriented people. **Coca Cola prefer to serve its product in those places where young eople gather gene rally. coca cola customers are mainly teenagers and young adults **it is the highest selling cold drink above the world.? **The main theme of coca cola is open happiness coca cola packaging attracts the young generation attention very much. *Positioning statement Coca Cola provides the best superior and taste in an affordable price. *Segmentation of Pepsi **Pepsi has same market purposes like Coca Cola. Pepsi has also different kinds of soft-drink productin order to appeal to different ustomers. **Pepsi customers are mostly teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 to 30. *Positioning of pepsi **PepsiCo main guideword is Generation Next It spends billions of dollars in order to affect people and find creative slogan in every year. Pepsi is a cold drink which gave the best taste, low fat in a reasonable spending. Coca Cola is successful spate because they have further plan to impess people and have good stategy to sell products in right places.

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Exercise for Specific Groups

Product a leaflet which describes (Pl) the provision of physical exercise or 3 of the target groups you feature studied handicapped throng, antenatal, venturenatal, fourth-year adults, children etc. The three gym vault of heavens be Public local government which leisure centre Gym, Desires Gym, Southwest Gym etc. A nonher sector is the private provision which includes nationwide gyms such as DEW Sports Gym, Pure Gym, Oasis and Bayonets Gym. The final sector in the voluntary sector which whitethorn tho be a local Samba class this class result absorb very little cost expectd and is not at that place to gain citizenry of profit.Before I research what each provision has to offer for the specific ropes I hindquarters have a rough idea for what they may offer. The gyms that ar ran by the government may have a wider variety of classes as the government want everybody to get involved and they forget employ people and cast bullion into getting a healthier population and i nclude all groups in their classes to target all groups. Whereas private gyms are nationwide and will have a lot of customers.They may present to offer classes towards wherever there is the most profit as they dont have government money so they can invest as ofttimes into specific groups if they cant get the customers, forever due to them having a lot of customers already from specific groups they may set up a straightlaced class to meet their needs. The voluntary sector will have less money to fund the classes so they may only have a friction match of classes or even Just one that can involve every if possible or the widest target field of view so they might be to a greater extent of a struggle to find classes for specific groups.Pre Natal Women are restricted from how much exercise they can do and what type of exercise they can do. many an(prenominal) women may already go to the gym before they are pregnant so they will wish to continue their exercise and will want to estim ate for classes that can suit their needs and not put them in any danger of damaging and injuring themselves whilst pregnant.. However other pre natal women may not have been to the gym before however they may want to cacography going to the gym while they are pregnant to keep them fit rather than Just sat down doing no exercise.It will be better for the baby which may attract them to use the gym and find out what classes there are at the gym. I am going to look at a variety of gyms from contrastive sectors to find out what they can offer. both gyms have dissentent aims and objectives and I will try to find out if any of the gyms have any aims to achieve through working with pre natal women. The benefits mean pre natal women will want to get into exercise and want to know what is available for them. DEW Sports Gym is a Private provision gym and is not involved or funded by any government.This gym doesnt advertise any specific exercise groups however they offer a wide range of gro up exercises. non all classes would be available for pre natal women however there is some they will be able to take variance in due to their condition. The exercises they can take part in are Palates and Aqua sessions. The majority of the sessions are in the 1000 1700 time slot which could be a problem as they may work through until the late gifts of their pregnancy and the gym sessions are inside mainstream working hours.As these classes are not for specific groups the price of the class is included in your gym membership at the gym which is priced at EYE. O for a full membership including peak and off peak hours access. Whereas Bloodworm gyms time slots for exercises classes that can involve pre natal women are in the evening making it easier for pre natal women to attend in case they have mainstream working ours. Here is a part of their timetable which shows both(prenominal) the Palates and Yoga classes that are available no gym included and they usually only deliver one sp ecific class.A popular example of this is Samba classes as they are often ran outside of gyms in leisure centers or village halls. For pre natal women I have found one class in the local area called Fit Bumps Fit Mums they deliver pre natal yoga classes and Palates classes. This class is designed specifically for pre natal women. In my opinion this is the surpass option for pre natal women in the local area as it is specific to them. They have evening sessions at SST Thomas church hall, they also have a session at west Knots collage.The sessions have to be paid for 6 weeks in advance and the cost is EYE. O this means it is roughly E each session which could be seen as more than than expensive however if you pay for a gym membership and use it once a week then you pay around EYE for 6 weeks worth of membership. So it is near enough Just as much as gym session however it is much more specific exercise group with other people in the same situation, this gives pre natal women a chanc e to mix with each other and meet and socialist with new friends. All participants will be at the same level as well.Whereas at a gym there will be normal fit people taking part sop you may struggle to keep up with them. Post Natal Women will be going through a stage trying to get rid of their baby fat. Women on average should usually wait 6 Weeks before getting cover song into regular exercise, this will differ depending on how much exercise you took part in before child birth. For the women who attended the gym during pregnancy then they will wish to carry on specific classes as they will quiet be restricted certain types and mounts of exercise.For the women who didnt already attend the gym before or during pregnancy then they will defiantly not want to free train they will want a class specific to them so they can get their fitness back and continue with their normal lifestyle. I will research what each gym from different sectors has to offer and compare what gym would be the m ost suitable for post natal women. This will be the gym with the best classes for these specific groups with targets to improve that specific area and also if there is a choice we will look at what gyms have better more accessible facilities and which gym that you get best value of money from.For Post natal women the voluntary sector again offers obedient classes, the same voluntary provision Fit Bumps Fit Mums which continue on after the pregnancy they do a 21 day plan ran through an online programmer accessible by their private Backbone group. The programmer includes 21 days worth of workouts that can be done at home. I believe this is a good idea as it means they dont have to go straight back to exercise in a gym where they may feel like they are behind which will be depressing for them.The online programmer costs EYE 1 believe this an extremely good price as you would pay more for a gym membership and wouldnt even go 21 days in one month. They offer online motivation and can be done whenever best for you and you wont have to travel this will suit post natal women as they will have babies that they wont be able to go to a gym with them this makes it much more suitable for their situation. Elderly People cosmos active can play an important part in both positive ageing and cut down frailty, helping to reduce the risk of falls. It can help older people maintain their health, well- deteriorate as a natural part of ageing.Weakened muscles are not as strong to cope with everyday tasks such as getting up from a chair or walking, and peoples balance can be affected. Being active throughout life and especially in older age can help to slow down the rate that muscles deteriorate. This can help older people remain active and independent as long as possible and also reduce the risk of falls in later life. Not all older people have the same needs. For older people who are reasonably healthy and active or whose function has only somewhat declined, lots of different activities can help them to remain strong, for as long as possible.For older people it is recommended to get a GAP referral so that you can be referred to a fitness group/ gym that know exactly how to deal with your needs to prevent injury or damage but still improve your fitness. People who are out of shape or elderly should start aerobic training gradually. For example, they may start with 5 10 minutes of low-impact aerobic activity every other day and build toward a goal of 30 minutes per day, three to seven times a week. go is an ideal exercise for many elderly people and or certain people with physical limitations.People with physical limitations include pregnant women. At DEW Fitness there are many classes available to suit the needs of older people such as Palates, Yoga and Aqua aerobics. All these classes are free when signed on to a gym membership wherever it is a monthly or yearly membership contract. Membership contracts at DEW fitness for seniors is EYE. 95 if you wi sh to may monthly or IEEE. 40 for a upfront yearly cost with offers such as 2 months free and Join before 30th November and dont start payment until 1st January.

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French Cuisine

French cuisine is one of the most favorite types of food around these days and is cognise worldwide for its quality. The French gained their techniques through history in pretty much one form. They got most of their notoriety because of the f comprise that they were ruled by so many a(prenominal) assorted people. There were many different countries and groups of people who conquered the French neck of the woods throughout the past 2000 years. So from each one time a new ruler conquered them new ideas and techniques were introduced to the French cuisine.France is said to have begun their culinary cunning in he 16th century by the wife of Henry II, Catherine de Medicis. They brought personal cooks with them wherever they went. later on on as it became more solidified French Cuisine had cookbooks being made in the nineteenth century. La Cuisine Classique by Urbain Dubois and Emile Bernard. In the book they suggested serving food while still spicy and were criticized heavily for it but the French enjoyed it and its now adopted worldwide by everyone. An average day in France begins with breakfast, which is known as le petit dJeuner.This usually consists of coffee or hot chocolate, and sometimes a croissant which is made of a flaky, butter-based pastry or bread. Pain au chocolat is like a croissant but has a chocolate filling. Lunch is pretty laid back. It usually begins with hors doeuvre, or appetizers. Meat or fish follows, and the meal ends with cheese, fruit, or sometimes a dessert. After school many kids eat a generally healthy snack of fruit or some bread to tide them over. This is known as le go?ter. The evening meal is when whole family gets together and talks about their day. This always has a few courses.Most dinners end with wine and a desert of some sort. LApritif is a national custom in France. It occurs before the meal where the family gathers about a half an hour or so before a meal to sh ar a drink, a small appetizer, and conversation with fa mily, friends, and neighbors. It is an established social activity which is enjoyed by people of all ages, and which forms an important part of home life and in restaurants. There argon many dishes that atomic number 18 either rare or exclusive to the French people. For example, Pot au Feu is dish of simmered meats and vegetables.Bouillabaisse is from The Provence and region and is made with fish, often with their heads, and shellfish in a spicy soup. Sauces are exclusive to the region they are from. Horseradish is from the Alsace region, mustard is from the Dijon region, Aioli is from provence, and rouille from Languedoc. These are perfect examples of region specific foods. Meats used in France are similar to the sauces. Ducks and Geese are common ingredients in meals unlike most parts of the world. Many of the stews created in France are not eaten in the United states.The Vegetable stews usually dont cross the Atlantic Ocean. Belgian Endive and Swiss Chard are made only in France . Cheese is another exclusive product. It is made in the Northern region and France is known for these cheeses. Muenster cheese now worldwide was born in Northern France. Swiss Cheese and German cheese are often imitated and popular in France. Bread is extremely popular in France and there are many specialties. A baguette is a long thin turn of bread Icing and many sugar toppings are added to bread to make it a dessert in many parts of France.France has many original pieces of food that have been imitated but they are always known for their quality. This has a lot to do with the type of training the Chefs go through. Most go through at least a 3-4 year program which includes hotel management. Then they have an internship type program afterward to pass by them hands-on experience. Holidays such as Bastille day cause the French to go all out. Everyone either cooks or attends a huge meal for family and friends. Christmas dinner is similar to the U. S. whereas close family get togeth er and have a long meal with numerous courses.These usually last for a long time because they chat a lot on these special occasions. Frances cuisine is very popular, and at the same time very expensive. Haute Cuisine was created and means Gourmet cooking. It always uses premium ingredients and no one ever complains about it never savor bad. But the French are quick to critique a bad meal. It is not considered very snotty-nosed to tell the cook you did not like the meal. The French are different than everyone else in almost everything they do, including how they act and how they cook.

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Metrics for GGI

The merchandiseing approach for the implementation of the GGI procedure plenty be measuring stickd using several(prenominal) rhythmic pattern. In this aspect, it would be more avail competent for the business owners to realize how to go about the recommended processes in change magnitude the commercial exposure of the products.As what has been recommended previously, the significant marketing plan for the GGI commodities is advertising dealing with media facilities such as accost marketing, TV ads, radio plugs, print distri just nowion and electronic promotions. In order to measure how from each one of these promotional plans are performing with respect to total profitability outputs, certain marketing prosody can be applied. In the case of GGI, items are sold through different channels of dealers, sub-dealers and retailers.However, to get fix of the natural response of the consumers to the promotional scheme, it would be advisable for the company to target measuring the metr ics base on the lowest scale of transactions-the end users or the retailers. In this way, the boilers suit menses of the products and the profit repute being acquired can provide the nearly exact metric data for the business.The implementation of metrics unavoidably to be separated in each of the marketing plan approaches. Advertising does not really measure how many products were sold, but can actually measure how the products commercial appeal get out project metrics (Curtis, 2002).Electronic Approach-The best possible measuring technique for this advertising process is to measure the amount of positivist responses based on e-mail replies from the consumers. Since mail database promotions were used, the actual response rate of the end users can be tallied or structured in a database which can count the frequency of the response in a limited cartridge clip frame. The basic recommendation which the team can apply to this metric is that if in a succession of time frame the h its on websites and the e-mail responses increase with respect to the previous measuring interval, and then additional investments can be made to make the channels more visually or commercially appealing.In terms of the website promotion, the metrics which can be used to measure the efficiency of the channel is to ruffle a visit counter within the web pages. In this aspect, the company will be able to monitor how many hits per day are initiated by the online consumers on the website. Of course, it does not readily equate to sales, but the very aspect of monitoring the visits can create a very good projection of sales values.TV and Radio Advertising-In terms of the conventional mediums of advertising, the survey method can be used as the primary metrics for the efficiency of these media units. Of course, it may be difficult for the company to increase their processes within the dot networks ability to expose the GGI products. solely what can be done is to regularly frame up surv ey procedures at least once a month.The metrics to be used should focalise on how the respondents were greatly influenced to buy the products based on their exposure to TV and Radio advertisements. By the time the results are obtained, the team may be able to recommend purchasing additional time slots for these media ads. But before it can be done, survey results must first provide whether there is a direct relationship between consumer purchase and TV and radio ad exposures. This can be statistically mensurable using correlation and regression computations.Flyers, Posters, Retailer Promotion-The last suggestion for advertising is under the scope of non-electronic mediums. This is the most basic form of measuring metrics since the retailers and dealers themselves will get to construct their respective databases on how untold sales they were able to produce. Moreover, each store will definitely have tallied numbers of purchases of specific items distributed by GGI.Therefore, the co mpany will be able to immediately measure the success of the ad campaign in a given time interval. To make use of these metrics, the most effective process is to identify the market share earned by each partner retailers. Also, each of these units may capture the true flow of consumer preference by seasonally implementing Customer Relationship Management. Fabricated scorecards are always available in the market to help the retailers produce a reliable set of sales data (Miller, 2007).In an overall scale, the best metrics to use for GGI is to take note of its ROI or Return of Investment Values. This can just now be computed if the company was able to dispose all of the products in a batch for a finical time frame Also, it is only possible for the business to measure such metric if all the sign investments were already acquired back.The remaining accounts receivable balance will then project the initial profit allowance account of the company. This will provide greater prediction strengths whether the marketing campaign was successful or needs improvement. Therefore, GGI readiness first consider improving its promotional campaign on the lowest level of advertising in the retailer units since these partners are the primary remitter of investment and profit value shares.At the present stage of GGI which is purportedly very young, the best metric to maintain is the ROI analysis. Since the investment values are still very sweet and somewhat conservative, it would be ideal to limit the creation of secondary analysis such as surveys and database vigilance because these require additional investment expenses.Even though ROI exceeds surveys costs most of the time (Yun Lee, 2007), additional expenses will not be ideal for a starting business. With ROI, the only required tools are the company files and pecuniary utilities based on the flow of products and acquisition of sales money. Apparently, knowing the most effective marketing metrics can save the company tim e and effort in allocating budget allowances (Cohen, 2007).ReferencesCohen, J. 2007. Make More funds with Marketing Metrics. About.Com. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from http//, E. 2002. Commercial Exposure. Dental Editors. Retrieved December 26, 2007Miller, S. 2007. How Important is Productivity measuring in Retail Stores?. Ezine Articles. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from http// Lee, M. 2007. Conducting Surveys and Focus Groups. Retrieved December 26, 2007 from

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Being A Student Essay

Being a learner is a full clip phone line. Students work five days a week, seven hours a day. There is a constant extend of work that is given to us, and there is a strict set of rules. Being a student is interchangeable to on the job(p) at a full time job in many ways. Like working crowings, students follow a grueling daily routine, which includes waking up early in the morning, focusing for foresighted hours at a time, having to complete a strenuous work load, selling with unfair teachers or bosses, an passing high level of stress, a lot of procrastination, and loss of sleep, among others. These are all problems that students and working adults must deal with on a daily basis, but not all similarities between the day of a student and the day of a working adult are negative.Both students and close to working adults go done similar ups and downs throughout a typical day, but there is one profession in grouchy that is so similar to the job of a student that some(prenomin al) students and this specific type of working adult are doing their jobs in the same buildings every day. Students and teachers are alike in so many incompatible ways. If one were to observe the similarities in the days of students and teachers, the observations would include both arriving at a school approximately time between seven oclock and eight oclock in the morning, both going to class throughout the day, both having lunch breaks in cafeterias, both being involved in athletics after school, both having the weekends off, as well as spring break, winter break, summer break, and most holidays, both facing daily academic challenges, and both going home at night to do work in order to prepare for the next day.Students and teachers work together in harmony on a daily basis, learning from each other and becoming better people. Neither could prosper in a school environment without the other. Without teachers, students would not be able to learn, and they would have no one to fore stall them in line when necessary. Without students, teachers would not have a purpose for working in their profession because they would not have anyone to teach. They depend on each other, and, while learning is a full time job for students, and teaching is a full time job for teachers, both bond over their time fatigued working and learning together at school every day.

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Maritas Bargain Essay

Maritas Bargain to be Success In this es guess I am going to discuss the topic about to fuck off a succeeder Maritas bargain by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell talk about a young twelve years former(a) Hispanic girl named Marita who come from a poverty stricken community single parent family at home in the New York city from the Bronx who has been deprived the opportunity for a expose study from imprint income minority settings surrounding her. In addition Gladwell in like manner talks about how Marita was given an opportunity to accompany a KIPP schooltime making a liveliness changing sacrifice and more advantage of it. KIPP is that agreeable of school who stands for knowledge is power program, a learning academy helping low income family kids educate themselves by means of hard work, effort, more practice, dedication their time, weekend studies and also long term of schooling un uniform those in the low income neighborhoods. Maritas family could not give her or help her what she packed, so what does equality exist in the U.S?According to Malcolm Gladwell KIPP schools were designed to help educate low income family children to better their skill in reading, writing and mathematics. The KIPP schools would be inconvenient for kids without transportation weekend school that kids was not accustomed to summer holiday would be thinned for the kids educational development keeping their minds growing while others was out of school during that time. I think learner not having a fair share at equal opportunity in the school transcription shows that their is no equality within U.S, we not asking to take away from the affected areas.From my opinion Jonathan Kozol would say to Gladwell about Marita needed to go to the KIPP School cause of she needs to compress a better education system who comes from low income and uneducated familybackground. To be a succeeder of a bookman firstly he or she needs a big support from school. KIPP is that kind of school where students can learn tone of voice free. They take care of their students specially who are weak in reading, writing and mathematics. KIPP shows students correct path and confide their knowledge, time to give them a better education by shortened summer vacation require success of a student in his student life to get a better educate. Maritas mom was desire that parent who asked everyday her daughter after coming back from school. Would be Kozol knew it thats why he recommended Marita needs to go to KIPP for a better educate.On the other hand I would like to say from my concept about according to Prudence L. Carter would say to Malcolm Gladwell that Marita needed to go to KIPP school and to shed parts of her cultural identity because the KIPP is stablished in the poor neighborhood and most of the students are from the selfsame(prenominal) neighborhood who are poor as well by so many ways. As like as low income family, single parent, uneducated environment, identical conting ency etceteras etceteras. Marita has had to do the same because the cultural bequest she had been given does not match her circumstance either- not when middle- and upper-middle-class families are using weekends and summer vacation to push their children ahead. Her community does not give her what she needs the story of success by Gladwell (266). I would like to say specially the reason of above for what she needs to go to KIPP. Because KIPP is that kind of school to be a success of Marita what she needs KIPP can give her. The KIPPs intention or aim is to wanton away their students ball-hawking and success in reading, writing and also in mathematics.According to Gladwell, I think it is kind of essential someone be forced to shed their cultural identity in order to receive a great education. For example, the U.S commissioner of education published a report by Edward Jarvis on the Relation of Education to mania (253). I would like to say here relation of a light to lousiness. If t here is no darkness the light is valueless. I mean light only need when the dark is present. As like as the same relation to each other cultural identity to get a great education. A child grow up in a close and he or she learn a lot from here about good- bad, their relation with other, their circumstance,family status in the society, their identity and so on. A culture is the source of knowledge so it is very important to a child for his or her future life what depend on also to get a better education too.Here from my opinion also according to Malcolm Gladell everybody must have access to great education, one that prepares them for college and allows them to go to school near their homes in order to maintain a sense of their family and cultural identity. For example, specially their mental circumstance in the school. Because of the students know their city where the prominent up and can show their friends the cool places. They do not have to amaze about new places, new friends, e nvironments and so on. Also unknown places has different identity than the home town. The students sense absence their family, friends, assist when the get sick etceteras. If the students live with their family in their home city whatever they need to get a big support and also get motivate from behind to do better and get a great education to the school a family and cultural identity can make them skillful and can over come any problem to conquer success.At last, I am very sure that dealing with this issue is really hard especially under this circumstance who grown up and try to be success in their life. The perfect environment is the priority advantage to become success and can give us necessary instruments in perfect time whenever we need to get better education. Not only that to become a successful in life every student hove to hard work, over efforting, dedicate their time, focus on the work, punctuality and so on then success truly comes.

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Decision Making Analysis Discussion Summary Essay

The CEO of the Xerox alliance is Anne Mulcahy. She has been with the association for over 30 years and has been the CEO for the last five years. Anne received a spirit level in English from Mary Mount College, Her brother made the suggestion that she join him and work at Xerox. As a team and as an individual, we agreed on the decisions that Mulcahy made to improve the Xerox Company. by means of these decisions, she was able to get the company out of debt when she became CEO. Though some people advised to call it quits, stick for bankruptcy and go home. She was determined and believed she could turn Xerox around. Anne Mulcahy had to make many hard decisions that affected many lives.She had to cut many unnecessary jobs to improve the company. She appears to be a very hands on CEO. An instance is that she still works at booths, not that many CEOs of big companies will do that. During the hard times that Xerox had, Anne was able to have good communication with her staff members. She had to have the confidence to ensure her employees that the company would rise above the possible collapse.

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Developing Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Developing Management - Assignment ExampleIn addition, Ryanair is noneworthy for its cost minimizing operations such as lack of air bridges and first-come first served basis pose for seat allocation (Ganusauskait, 12).The organization has set a strong corporate culture and highly focuses on its management style. The CEO, Micheal OLeary is popular for his candid yet strict leadership styles which lead to the revolution of Ryanair (Ganusauskait, 16).One hassle in Ryanairs organizational culture is lack of good node service. Although the airline is close to its employees, it is not very reputed to have good relations with its customers (Sparrow). According to Nwagbara (207) Ryaniar has hostile relations with the public and makes little attempts to avenge them. In addition, the company does not focus on providing an experience to its customers rather it aims to reach the destination in a safe manner. In my opinion, Ryanair should change this culture and shift towards experiential m arketing. The airline should tenderise several(prenominal) basic facilities to passengers that can improve their flying experience. Like thee blogger Sparrow states, Ryaniar should learn from JetBlue which provides highly committed customer service.Ryanair is Europes carrier which offers aviation operate at the most affordable (low) prices. The company claims to offer lowest fargons to all of Europes destinations (Ryanair Ltd). Ryanairs cost cutting strategy has been its USP. The company has affect its competitors using this cutting cost plans. It focuses only on the core offerings and rest of the facilities like hotel accommodation, car services etc are charged (Nwagbara, 207). In this way the airline is able to offer fares that are 40% lesser than its closest competitor (Nwagbara, 207). Ryanairs decision to cut costs by completely E-tailing its air tickets ensures contiguous service and profit maximisation. Moreover, the decision to provide short haul routes and point-to-poin t services ensure non-stop routes and services are

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Topic 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Topic 3 - Essay ExampleGod, Tao, and the light address uncertainness in the behavior of living and derive a sense of goodness and guiltlessness in the world. This written report will compare God, Tao and the light and establish how we access them and how the three deal with or address uncertainty.The admit of Job seeks to define why the righteous suffer by presenting how God offers justice in representative of human beings suffering. Indeed, in this book, God lets Satan destroy Jobs property and kill his children solitary(prenominal) for God to restore Jobs possessions in multiples. This derives an uncertainty about God, His justice, and the goodness in our way of living. The Allegory of the Cave presents the uncertainty in human life with respect to education. In this context, the sun acts as the source of light that derives human capacity to see where the sun symbolizes the Form of the Good. Notably, self-awareness eliminates cases of uncertainty in human life. The Tao Te Ching has 81 verses, which seeks to explain how to manifest goodness and integrity in our way of living in a world where many people are uncertainty about the reality of goodness and integrity in human life. Indeed, even the origin of the Tao Te Ching is non certain. It is clear that God, Tao and the light deal with and obligate uncertainty.From the book of Job, we can see that God is subjecting Job to suffering albeit some limitations. God limits Jobs misfortunes and Job and his friends fail to understand why God is punishing a righteous person bid Job. They are indeed uncertain on how God works since they expected a just and righteous person like Job to get the justice he deserves. Ideally, God should reward the righteous and punish the wicked. Job and his friends believe in this assertion and hence their uncertainty on how God works leads them to tell apart between blaming Job or God. They almost gave up on the belief that God delivers justice since they would not understand how a just God could subject a righteous person to suffering.This book

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Childhood vaccinations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Childhood inoculations - Essay ExampleDescribing her helplessness, another acute anterior poliomyelitis sufferer writes, I found it very frustrating to stupefy an active mind in a permanently disabled body (Gillan 1). Many individuals suffer from completely preventable diseases that could have been avoided if they were vaccinated in childhood. The very fact that a disease as preventable as polio was allowed to ruin so many lives makes it unbearable. Despite the aw arness on immunizations and vaccinations, the multi-million dollar investments made by governments on vaccinations, the free camps and vaccination drives organized any day, there are many who fail to get their children immunized or are too scared to do so.Failure to get children immunized puts them at risk of innumerable hard or permanently disabling diseases that would otherwise have been completely preventable. It is argued here that children should get immunized and that the recommended window pane of vaccinations is the right of every child, as much as is his right to living.The World Health Organization (WHO) has a Millennium Development Goal 4 for reducing child (under five years of age) mortality by up to two thirds by the year 2015 (10 facts on immunization According to reports millions of children die every year from diseases that could have been prevented through immunization. Vaccination is also a key strategy for the prevention of progeny of pandemic infections. The WHO reports that vaccination results in the prevention of about 2-3 million deaths all over the world all(prenominal) year (10 facts on immunization Deaths in all age groups from pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, measles and polio have been prevented through vaccination, which is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions (10 facts on immunization However, many individuals fail to get their children immunized,

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Analytical tools in making decisions concerning increasing commodity Essay

Analytical tools in making decisions concerning increasing commodity equipment casualty - Essay ExampleThe government is the referee in making sure that there is fairness in the business. Economics being a social science it revolves the behavioral aspect of the human life which is impose by the scarcity of resources in a person life. In a market the interaction amongst the sellers result what is called economic equilibrium which results the issue of competitiveness in the market. The term economics is a capacious discipline that consists of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics Microeconomics is a branch of economics that mainly deals with the decision that the agents of the market make while conducting business. The agents of the market atomic number 18 the people and businesses. In essence the study of microeconomics deals with basics of the market. It is more of specific than general. Microeconomics tries to bring the relevance of the small agents in the market that could be neglected but be very important in the study of economics. The consumers provide the market while the suppliers and the businesses provide with the goods and services. The major dwelling of microeconomics is in the issue and take up forces that operate in the market. The supply forces refers to the availability of goods and services to the market while the affect refers to the availability of customers of unlike products and services in the market. These forces are crucial in the determination of the charge of various commodities in the market. The high the demand it would mean that the goods and services are in short supply while the beginninger the demand it means the goods and services are in high supply. Thus in high demand the prices are in sky rocketing while in low demand the price are very low than normal (Zhang, 2005) Macroeconomics This is a branch of economics that mainly the whole industry in the market earlier than a specific entity like a comp e ither. It tries to look an economy at a wide discern e.g. the general economy of the country. In macroeconomics, issues such as the GDP are keenly followed and how they are touch on by factors such as price take aims, unemployment and the rate of growth. The two terms lead to a give understanding of economics. There could be some differences between them but they still deal with study of production, distribution and consumption of goods. In our module we have greatly dealt with microeconomics which entails eh study of the behavioral aspects and factors affecting the agents of economy. There are various theories that try to explain the term economics. These are the supply and demand theory and the classical theory. The supply and demand theory of economics mainly entails looking at the two forces in the market that all explains the relationship between the buyers and sellers. The other theory is the classical theory which entirely concentrates on the equilibrium in the market w hich operates in the market when the market is not interrupted. The theory mainly stresses on the factor that the market should operate freely without any interference (Adams, 2008). Analytical tools in making decisions concerning increasing commodity price The price of any product affects the sales of any company, which exponentially affects the profits acquired by the company. In any decision making process of any profitable company coming up with price abstract is usually a tricky situation as it directly touches on the customers feelings. At the price level is where the company directly interacts with the customers. Price increase cannot be done overnight but it is usually as a result of many factors that contribute to this course. It is mainly as a result of

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CASE ANALYSIS heart of atlanta motel v. united states Study

ANALYSIS heart of battle of Atlanta motel v. united states - Case Study ExampleIn the case under consideration, Heart of Atlanta Motel questioned and challenged the constitutionality of the polite Rights Act of 1964 and attempted to justify and assert its policy of discrimination against African Americans.The Heart of Atlanta Hotel was primed(p) in Atlanta, Georgia. This facility denied the rights of admission to Black Americans, in channel infringement of the polite Rights Act of 1964. The cause filed by the owner of this motel questioned the powers extended to Congress by the Civil Rights Act in the domain of interstate highway commerce. In addition, he validated his stance of discrimination against Black Americans on the grounds of the rights extended to him by the Fifth and 13th Amendment. The United States justified its authority under the Commerce Clause and denied any violation of the Fifth and Thirteenth Amendment Rights of the appellant.On December 14, 1964, a nine-j udge bench led by Justice tomcat C. Clark unanimously voted in favor of the United States of America. The court validated the authority of Congress in the playing area of Interstate Commerce, as far as the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was concerned. It denied any violation of the Thirteenth Amendment rights of the appellant. The decision accepted the authority of the United States Government in interfering in the acts of discrimination in public accommodation and noted that the jurisdiction of the Title II was, carefully limited to the enterprises having a get hold of and substantial relation to the interstate flow of goods and services (U.S. Supreme Court Media).Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited the practice of racial discrimination in public accommodations whose operations had an impact on the interstate commerce. The Heart of Atlanta motel located in Atlanta, Georgia denied admission to African Americans, in direct contradiction and violation of th e Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The owner of this motel stated that the interference of the

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'French argues that 'An awareness of the impact of (national) culture Essay - 1

French argues that An awareness of the impact of ( internal) horti kitchen-gardening on people in carry organisations is important in tod - Essay Example accord to Samovar et al (2009), culture has been subjected to numerous and often-complex epitome translations as writers labored to incorporate and explain array of cultural components and objectives. They continue to say that, what was considered earliest definition of culture by British anthropologist Sir Edward Burnett Taylor in 1871, explained culture as the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any separate capabilities and habits acquired by a man as a member of society (Tylor, 2007) Blad (p. 7) explains that, it is important to note that the character that define state autonomy and global market integration are found in two cases. He continues to say that, the comparison of inter- have-to doe withd state-building projects tout ensembleows us to not only understand the role of di stinct national culture but also how sub-state autonomy is enhanced through global political economic integration. According to Entezar (2008, p. 24-25) culture can be studied in two different ways. One can any study specifics in order to restrict the general patterns (inductive) or study the general patterns to identify the specifics of a culture (deductive). The second approach is adopted by Hofstede in his dimensional analysis of culture. She continues to explain that, every culture deals with power ambiguity, individualism, and gender that are universal and exist in all cultures. Here once more these dimensions are filtered through the value systems of various cultures. In the argument that, awareness of the impact of national culture on people in work organizations and its importance in todays world, I will argue for it. Theories of National Culture Ernest Gellners theory of nationalism, initially articulated in a chapter of Thought and Change in 1964, rigorously questioned t he putative casual power of a pre-existing culture in formation of nations and nationalism. In what is now a famous reversal of commonsensical understandings of the relationship between culture and nationalism, he insisted no the nation, a bounded national culture that creates nationalism, but the separate way round. (Hall et al 2010, p. 516) Lussier & Achua (2010 pp 391) explains that whether organizational or national, culture is a product of values and norms that people practice to guide and control their behavior. Culture affects the relationship between members and leaders of a nation based on shared values. They continue to explain that, on national level, a countrys values and norms determine what kinds of attitude and behaviors are acceptable or appropriate. The people of a particular culture are socialise into these values as they grow up, and norms and social guidelines prescribe the way they should behave toward one another. From the above chronicle by Lussier and Achu a, we can see that, in a nation, a specific conduct that people should assort to each other, there is a specific way that people in management position should relate to their subjects. These codes of conduct dictate how they relate and behave. For instance, the eastern countries, they have a unique dressing manner. In that, all women should be in a certain type of cloth. The same is seen in other countries with Islam religion. Another lesson is the African countries the traditional Africans had a unique way of dressing their leaders with different types of clothing. The leaders could be donned with animal skin, to