Friday, February 10, 2017

Anthropology of Aging

In Anthropology of Aging we discuss dissimilar theories of senescence. Theses theories include the activity surmise and the disengagement possible action. The activity theory is the theme that successful aging can be achieved by staying kindlyly active. With positive activities aged(a) adults can have a healthier lifestyle and promote ones quality of life. On the otherwise hand, the disengagement theory is the idea that as the aging affect continues, a person decreases in interaction. The individual at the smirch of becoming of age(p), is at a time of retirement, kids who are immediately adults and less friends causes the individual to recess and decrease in activity. It is seen as a natural sort for older adults to do. maculation these ii are the most commonplace theory among the aging, different cultures denominate different results of the theories. \nHarriet G. Rosenberg wrote an article title Complaint Discourse, Aging and Caregiving among the Ju/hoansi of Bo tswana. In the article she wrote about the Ju/hoansi muckle who use a trunk of seniority that gives decrepit family line power within the brotherly life of the community. As Rosenberg states, A senior person, male or female, has the right to decide who fits where in the kinship system and to touch on an avoidance or a joking framework for affectionate interactions (pp. 33, Rosenberg). This manifests that the elderly Ju/hoansi play an burning(prenominal) part in social interaction which demonstrates the activity theory. While this system may count to work in this culture, the Ju/hoansi who maintenance the idea of adult children to safeguard for the elderly had incidents of neglect and apostasy of the elderly. While Ju/hoansi society show no signs of elderly adults disengaging from society, caregivers who are mainly the adult children, spouse, or siblings can force these elderly into disengagement. Even though the Ju/hoansi elderly are interactive with others, in that res pect are incidents of abandonment. Caregivers must channelise the burden of caring for the eld...

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