Sunday, February 9, 2014


Transcript K: Good morning/afternoon e genuinelyone H: my place is K: and Im H: And today we argon going to talk to you near Pakistan. K So where is Pakistan Hannah? H: Pakistan is in the northwest western recess of the Indian subcontinent which is north of the equator. Neighbouring Iran, Afghanistan, China and India. K: Ohh au sotic eachy then what is the climate the analogouss of? H: Pakistan has a continental climate pith it has really hot summers and really cold winters. K: debauchery so its a bit like capital of Australia then. H: Yes a little bit K: What about Pakistans peltingwater? H: Well Kate Pakistans rain falls ordinarily between July and September scarce thither is not rattling much of it K: So if on that point is not very much rain whats the adorn like? H: Pakistan is green for the most part, but the set coer has been minify to yet 3.5 percent of the land area. At the base of Pakistan is the Arabian Sea, which is generally strugglem. However at the back on that point is a completely different climate. This part of the country is radical to the Himalayas, which produce down so cold they can only be accessed by world-class rearers for a few weeks of the year. K: Whoa that must be pretty cold. So if people go there to climb mountains, does that mean they are a rich country? H: Well not really, Pakistan is instead a poor country, with quite an unstable economy. Its principal(prenominal) exports are agriculture and text edition tiles, which require in a lot of the countrys money. Things like the global financial crisis, bad crop seasons, a quick growing population and the ongoing war with India all select a negative influence on Pakistans economy. K: What war with India? H: The war between India and Pakistan is called the Indo-Pakistani war and started 1965, so its been going for about 47 years, although there was impinge between the two countries for a while onward this. on that point are many rea sons for the war but one of the main issues ! is the Kashmir Conflict. Pakistan and India are in a dispute over who should have the right to claim...If you want to get a sound essay, order it on our website:

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