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Ethics Essay Virtue speculation is different to the otherwise ii normative theories; functionalism and deontology. It focuses much on the individual, and their characteristics, as impertinent to besides looking at an action that has been carried out. Virtue morals dialog about how we should be, and what rightfulnesss we should acquire in order to haul a good life. Deontology and utilitarianism look at what we should do, and this is separated from mortalal desires and inclinations. However, for a virtue theorist an individuals inclinations and desires ar relevant to morality. (Weineck 2007) We apprize non all agree on what a virtue is. respect character traits vary from culture to culture, and from group to group. Views of virtues to a fault smorgasbord over time. For example, a hundred years ago, in this country, it was seen as just to hang some sensation for being a murderer. Today, it would be seen by most as unjust and against adult male rights unconstipate d though that person had killed others. Another criticism is does it hire to be virtuous? Quite often the virtuous in a gild can suffer, whereas the greedy and selfish can prosper. This does not seem fair. You could never get everyone within a society to be virtuous all at the aforesaid(prenominal) time. thither would always be at least one person in the group doing something not virtuous. Furthermore, if everyone was always virtuous, things would be boring. It could be argued that virtue ethics is dull and virtuous spate argon boring. The more interesting people tend to own qualities that are not necessarily considered virtuous. (Weineck 2007) The utilitarian ethical theory is founded on the ability to predict the consequences of an action. To a utilitarian, the select that yields the great turn a profit to the most people is the filling that is ethically correct. One wellbeing of this ethical theory is that the utilitarian can compare equivalent predicted solutions and use a crest system to determine which choi! ce is more beneficial for more people. This point system provides a...If you urgency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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