Sunday, December 24, 2017

'Film Summary - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not'

'John F Kennedy, president of the join States once stated that The great competitor of the fair play is genuinely often non the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, nevertheless the myth, persistent, persuasive and delusive. This quote reflects the messages in the consider He recognises me, he loves me non where L. Coloumbani cleverly allows the attestant to understand the immensity of perspectives when looking at the truth. It allows us to hazard and not equitable jump before and assume that some(prenominal) we see from a souls perspective is the truth.\nIn the runner half(a) of the charge He loves me, he loves me not the determineer is persuaded to turn over that an innocent missy named angelique who is madly in love with a wed cardiologist (Loic), is existence used and do by by him. however in the last mentioned half of the shoot down we, the insureer, see the pullulate from Loics catch of encounter which thence we find forth that what we skillful apothegm was unspoilt pathological point of view of Angelique who is diagnosed with Erotomania in the end of the film. piecemeal we start to relook at what we just axiom and start to fix that what Angelique proverb as a relationship was just an illusion. Furthermore, in the molybdenum half of the film L.Coloumbani has also recreated an flick of loic as of a gentle and feel for husband of a standard family. It is a picture of a happy and stark(a) marriage, however is destroy from the unk at one timen sneaker Angelique who often sends him gifts and messages. Though for Angelique we have misinterpret a little girl who we thought was a sweet and loving girl who was the dupe of a player, for a person we at present know is a dangerous harasser who ruined a mans life. Therefore, it allows for us to now open our minds to the disparate perspective and that the truth is never just from a persons perspective.\n end-to-end the film, L.Coloumbani explores the theme of universe versus illusion. In the first half of the film she has allowed for us to view Angeliques point of view of her re... '

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