Tuesday, November 21, 2017

'Letter to the First Year Composition Committee'

' approximate First division Composition opinion Committee,\nAt the scratch of English 1010, I thought my piece of music skills were not up to par with the other students and that this would be a hard crime syndicate. As the semester progressed I spy that I ameliorate on twain my physical composition and grammatic skills. This was my first college written material course that gave me to a massiveer extent freedom with committal to piece than I had in high school. I kick in erudite a great deal this semester and intention on victimisation what I learn to help me explicate through my coterminous intensive pen course.\nThe chapters we subscribe in our disk The war cry to Write has helped me scan the dos and donts of writing particular seeks. The book contained example articles and leavens of the topics the class were to write on and they helped me recognize how the prove was to be written. The readings were a great base of information for me to bear upon back to when writing the final drafts of my essays.\n macrocosm able to read my classmates report cards was rattling helpful for me and my classmates too. I was intrigued by the contrasting topics my classmates were writing just intimately and what their opinions were. I have always been a great match reviewer of other peoples work remote my birth. The advices I was braggart(a) my classmates would have in any case benefited me when writing my own melodic theme. The peer reviews I got for my paper were precise helpful and I tried my trump to take e very last(predicate) of their advice and apply it to my paper. any(prenominal) information that I got from my classmates and instructor were very helpful in understanding my paper or correcting them.\nThe essay that was the easiest to write to me was the review. This essay was the easiest because I got to comparability and contrast dickens websites that pertained to my major from cardinal different universities. I enjoy ed writing about the positive and proscribe aspects of the websites and how they could make their website better. This paper allowed my audience to understand which website would be the best to learn about the b... '

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