Tuesday, September 5, 2017

'Class Speech - Mayan and Egypian Architecture'

'We only kip down who the Egyptians ar, and we know that they had massive profits in which they buried the Pharaohs and where the historied idea of the creepy Mummy comes from still there is another(prenominal) civilization that lived in Central America, the Maya Civilization. The Mayans had almost things in common, take down at 11,857 kilometers and 2,300 geezerhood of variation the Egyptians overture first gear and the Mayan feeler second, twain of the Egyptians and the Mayans are isolated from the world, having to relieve oneself and be fanciful they create languages, righteousness and umteen other things to survive.\nAs I mentioned before Egyptians had pyramids barely the Mayan civilization unquestionable its own pyramids. If you examine and Egyptian pyramids with Mayan pyramids you seat see that they gaint shade much besides but the agency they were used and the objective they served was similar in some ways. The uses for the pyramids are similar i n two of these antithetical cultures the Gods were important to them both had various gods but both the Mayans and the Egyptians would panegyric them, in different ways, but they both praised them using the pyramids they strengthened and beseech to them privileged them, they had a in truth religious marrow that was important to both of the cultures.\nAs you may know the Egyptians had many gods and appreciated them a lot, the Mayans as well as had a lot of gods and dear as the Egyptians they also had sanctuaries where they would speak to the gods and pray to the gods, the only difference is that the Mayans had the sanctuary on the actual pyramid while the Egyptians didnt have them on the pyramid they had them separately. The Mayans displace the sanctuary on the efflorescence contribution of the pyramid, that is why it was right away on the top and had a board analogous skeletal system on the top.\nThe first Egyptian pyramids much(prenominal) as the Djoser were step ped like the Mayan ones they would have a stepped pyramid stipulation and the Mayan pyramids would always be like so. subsequent on the Egyptians form more trilateral pyramids and... If you want to raise a beat essay, order it on our website:

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