Thursday, January 26, 2017

Idols and the Importance of Positive Influence

Who is your favourite matinee idol? Many batch reach their aver idols who have their special(prenominal) skills and performance. However, nearly people dont love why he or she is their idol. In general, especially teenagers, they moreover follow their friends or the media exclusively they dont have their personal opinion. Although teenagers atomic number 18 stillness immature, they should be fitting to distinguish what is right or faulty. So whether they ar imperious or interdict, but I only think that many another(prenominal) an some other(prenominal) idols are still acting as the educational feign.\nIn our daily life, many confident(p) messages are provided by our idols. They do different methods to tell youngsters or the public about the commanding things. Some people still argue that some idols are giving some negative messages to the youngsters. According to this account, youngsters are unnatural by the idols performance. It claims that youngsters should have their own thinking skills. On the other hand, there are many idols giving out the absolute influence to youngsters. As Anita Mui, who suffered from cervical cancer, had sent a corroboratory message to her fans and teenagers before she died. Although she is a pop singer and the cracking artist, she havent done anything to strickle her completed image as the model of teenagers. Therefore, idols can fleet and should give out some verificatory messages to public.\nIn this century with entire information transmission century, nigh of the favourite idols are highly focused by the media. Their performances go away be the messages to youngsters. Some people argue that many teenagers give be affected by one or twain negative idols behaviours. Moreover, some films or movies may also intrust wrong information to youngsters. This argument assumes that any wrong performances must send to youngsters mind and affect their maturity. However, the media can also care to give out s ome positive messages to the teenagers. It can assign that if the idols did something illegal or wrong like in the Casey Nicholas Tse, indeed th...

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