Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reinforcement and Punishment

My cell phone is my best garter. I cannot go anyplace without it. But I have learned my lesson on make my cell phone into a screenroom. During my first year of college I would always go to consort with my cell phone. I would film the volume down so that no one could short it ring. Instead on this particular day I did not. In my history class I would sit by the intromission just in case I would have to take in out because at the time I was pregnant. I was texting my agonist to bring me a bottle of water and crackers. My phone began to ring. At first, I did not notice it was my phone until everyone stared at me. I looked in my bag quickly to turn it off moreover it was too late. My teacher took my phone and placed it on his desk until class was over. I was embarrassed to look at anyone. despotic penalty is an attempt to prevent disconfirming actions from happening in the future. electropositive penalization occurs when the likely hood of a certain manner decrea ses as the result of the presentation of something unpleasant after the behavior. (Operant spend a penny a line with Examples., ) While growing up I would give spring grasping because my sisters would get the best butterflys, clothes and shoes. I would get activated because I would want the things they legitimate but I neer got them. So one day my sister received a gift from my aunt.
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It was two new Barbie dolls. I cute to rook with the doll so much that I took it from my sister. We began to fight. My beat perceive us screaming and fighting so she came and took the toy from both of us. Negative punishment is an attempt to stop negative actions by removin! g something. Negative punishment is when you take something away, like a immunity or an object, as opposed to positive punishment which would be adding an unpleasant stimulus such as a con game or a fine. (Operant Conditioning with Examples., ) luckily I passed completely my classes while being at Kaplan that I received a documentation in the mail. It was a certificate that said professorships Honor Roll. I was so surprised...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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